Back to the Future Time Circuits Clock

A BTTF Time Circuits Clock!

Time Circuits Clock

April 2021 Update:

Parts to build more clocks are finally on the way. The hard-to-find LEDs displays are being manufactured and should arrive in a few weeks.

The main control board has also been updated to include a 5v power supply to allow for more flexible powering options.

More info to come.

If you are interested in a complete clock or parts to build your own, please use the contact page to inquire.


12 thoughts on “Back to the Future Time Circuits Clock

  1. Jorick

    Awesome project. I plan on building myself one of these. I found that the yellow 16 segment displays can be found with the same pinout as the red and green ones. (PSC05-11YWA) So only 1 type of PCB necessary. Where did you order the led displays? I don’t have the website address at hand at the moment but all the displays where on stock by the thousands but the was no direct ordering. You have to mail them for a quote.

    Regards, Jorick

    1. admin Post author

      Yes, all 3 colors are made with the same pinout, however, at the time I wasn’t able to find them in stock all in the same pinout. I ordered them from Digikey and Mouser – neither had all 3 colors in stock. I’ve not been able to find them anywhere else.

      1. Jorick

        They are indeed very difficult to get it seems. This is the website I found:

        They have everything in stock according to their website. But no direct ordering… I will request a quote. Only thing is: I’ve never ordered PCB’s before: do you have to buy 10 (or 20) or can you buy 3 as well? If I have to buy more than I need I might as well order extra LED displays so I can build more clocks.

  2. Desi Penalvert

    Hey I’m very interested in purchasing one for myself…I’ve been looking here and there but the ones I’ve seen have great details but can’t change the times ect…yes they have movie sounds buts if you can’t change the times or have a working clock its pointless. Please im really interested

    1. admin Post author

      Glad you like it. Unfortunately at this time I cannot get all of the parts needed to build it – specifically the alphanumeric LED displays.

  3. Gyárfás Attila

    I would like to ask for some help. I have installed my clock, it works. However, the A2 address is not displayed on the display panel. A0 works,A1 works. So now A0 is the real time. The other two lines are A1, but it shows the same. What could be the problem?
    Thank you.

  4. Gyárfás Attila

    It was solved. No need to close the A2 jumper.
    For me, the displays are made in China by an LED company. All the displays. If you are interested I can order them for you.


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