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MythTV 30 on Ubuntu 19.04 Notes

These are some notes on a new MythTV install to replace an older one. MythTV 30 is provided with Ubuntu 19.04, however, it does not seem to have HDHomeRun support, it’s not an option when selecting capture cards. The solution is to instead use the MythTV PPA provided version. This was done on a clean install after finding the Ubuntu provided version wouldn’t work. MythTV Wiki Ubuntu link.

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UFW Allow Outbound Connections

UFW, or Uncomplicated Firewall, makes it easy to manage firewall rules on Linux and is available on several distributions.

I’m using this on web and email servers. It’s desirable to, by default, block inbound connections and only ports for the services they provide are allowed. This seems to be the only scenario covered in most examples.
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